A Guide to Mould and Building Related illness costs

This information provides you with outlines and a comprehensive approach to conducting mould and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) surveys, emphasizing the importance of engaging competent, qualified professionals and detailing the different levels of survey options available (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) to assess and address potential health hazards related to air quality. Here's a guide on the costs and considerations based on the information you've shared:

Selecting a Suitable Surveyor

  • Qualifications:Ensure the surveyor has relevant qualifications, such as ACAC-CIEC for Indoor Environmental Professionals, which is recognized and established, taking 8 years to achieve.
  • Competence: An unqualified survey can lead to false results, potentially causing health deterioration or unnecessary expenses. Verify the surveyor’s credentials and experience in the specific area of concern, whether it’s mould, bacteria, chemicals Radon, EMF, etc.
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Types of Surveys and Their Scope

  1. Remote Survey:Offers initial risk assessment via video links but has limited capabilities without professional equipment. Useful for preliminary assessment but not for detailed analysis.
  2. Bronze Survey: Includes basic evaluations like building condition, infra-red scan, moisture mapping, and total spore count. Aimed at assessing airborne risk with recommendations for remediation.
  3. Silver Survey: Identifies potential health hazards and provides remediation and decontamination options.
  4. Gold Survey: Combines Bronze and Silver surveys with additional information on airborne health hazards, including specific species and possibly bacteria.
  5. Platinum Survey: The most comprehensive, including discussions with qualified IEPs, additional sampling based on health issues identified, and guidance on medical routes if requested. It covers Next Generation sampling, chemicals, EMF, and general building-related illness issues.

Cost Considerations

  • Survey Costs:These will vary significantly based on the level of survey chosen. Costs increase with the depth of analysis and the inclusion of various testing and consultation services. Remote surveys may be less expensive but offer limited insights, while Platinum surveys are the most comprehensive and costly, involving extensive testing and expert consultations.
  • Decontamination:Costs for decontamination services will depend on the extent of contamination and the chosen method of decontamination (removal, neutralizing, dilution). The principle is to reduce risk rather than achieve sterility, which is impossible. Professional decontamination aims to balance expectations with budget.

Final Recommendations

  • Budget and Expectations:Align your expectations with your budget, understanding that more comprehensive surveys and decontamination efforts will cost more but provide a detailed understanding of IAQ issues and how to address them.
  • Expertise: Choose a surveyor or a service provider like Building Forensics, which has over 35 years of experience in decontamination, to ensure competent analysis and recommendations.

When considering a mould and IAQ survey, it's crucial to weigh the balance between the depth of analysis required and the budget available. Engaging with a qualified professional not only ensures accurate assessment but also guides the most effective remediation strategies to address potential health hazards. Why not contact us to discuss possible survey requirements, costs and possible finance arrangements info@buildingforensics.co.uk

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