What is the true cost ?

You really don’t want your home to be contaminated but would like a refund.

Unfortunately, both are linked and if there isn’t pollution even in a brand-new home your very lucky.

The pollution can take many forms, but our expertise is in identifying it, (not the tax issues)

We comply with the law and expect to provide you with necessary evidence to support your claim. That evidence has a cost and including lab fees is likely to be around £2500 plus VAT  

We provide the verifiable evidence that your home is contaminated. This means a site visit by a technician who will undertake a variety of tests for onsite or laboratory analysis.
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If buildings were transparent in construction and built within an environmentally controlled environment on sterile ground, there would still be the risks of contaminates that HMRC would accept as pollution withing the framework.

The Downside

If we don’t find anything which is extremely unlikely, but not guaranteed, the only debateable fact would be “I accept the report findings but is it a dangerous level of pollutant”

First Benefit The issues we discover may fulfil the requirements of HMRC and the refund criteria.

Second Benefit The issues we investigate have NO SAFE Level of exposure and as 20% of the world’s population are genetically more likely to be affected, can any levels be a defence to reject a claim? We have recently investigated a new £100,000,000  flat and found it to be polluted, another new £55,000,000 house also polluted.  Hundreds of millions have been refunded by HMRC since the new HMRC clause was introduced. Your risk is the cost of a hazard assessment of your home to identify pollutants that could harm your health. The driver is the potential refund of  stamp duty. 
Following the advice of a solicitor or even HMRC you have nothing to lose.

Third Benefit

Nobody wants to live in a contaminated home and the health risks are now well documented. If you succeed in receiving a stamp duty refund you will probably want to remove the pollution. offer this service with verifiable results.

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